To Hold or Not to Hold . . . . .


This is the perpetual question, isn’t it? You have your target area and you watch it like a hawk. You know what’s available and where they all are price-wise. You pay attention to each new property that becomes available, and you strike like a ninja when you see an opportunity. 

Then what? 

Actually, if you’re an experienced investor, the question isn’t “Then what?”, because you knew what your exit strategy was before the offer was accepted. 

For most investors the “Then what” falls into a pretty narrow range – rehab and sell, or wholesale. And that’s it. 

Based on my experience I recommend adding a third, NEW, option to your repertoire. Buy, hold, and rent. 

Hold on your say – Buy, Hold, and Rent isn’t new. It’s been around forever, and thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to be a landlord. 

I say – hold the phone. Let’s take a step back for a moment and think about it. Why are we in this business in the first place? Isn’t it Return on Investment? Actually ROI and cash flow? 

If yes, then you MUST consider Buy, Hold, and Rent. Why? Because I can show you how to get incredible ROIs doing it. 

How high? How about Infinity? 

That’s right. Infinite ROI. And not just infinite ROI – but infinite ROI PLUS Cash Flow! 


You should be. I’ve done this multiple times, and I have another in my pipeline right now. 

It’s all about understanding the math. I’ll show you what I mean later when I introduce you to my NOOP Model. NOOP stands for “No Out Of Pocket”.