The Journey is THE Thing

Call it blinding flash of the obvious number, what? 87 or 88 for me at least? But after spending the last 25 years or so always looking out toward the future, I figured out a couple of weeks ago that the journey is really the thing.


Those of you that have already figured that out are wondering what the big deal is and why I’m writing about it.


Those that haven’t figured it out are thinking that it’s silly and that it’s not worth writing about.


But it is worth it.


The last couple of weeks have been pretty interesting and a lot of fun. I attended all the kids sporting events that didn’t have a time conflict. I hung out with the kids after work and helped with homework and projects, heard all the stories about the classrooms, the lunchroom, and the playground. We even caught a couple of episodes of Star Trek Voyager before dinner.


I did all of this instead of running into my home office after work and burying myself  in my business like I usually did.


And the funny thing was – everything still got done for the business, and I had a blast with the kids.


Now I’m looking to outsource more work for the business to get more time back.


This whole point of doing this got driven home to me last Saturday during a canoe trip on the Au Sable during our annual cub scout and family camping trip.


We had a serious canoe accident with two of our kids that could have been catastrophic. Only God’s grace and quick thinking prevented a truly horrible result, and for the life of me I still don’t know how we avoided the catastrophic result. But we did, and both of them came through it fine. Shaken up, but fine.


Now as a bare-knuckle Type-A personality I’m really not much of a philosopher, but this experience last weekend was an eye-opener to say the least.


All I can say is this – believe me when I tell you that the Journey really is the thing.