Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: Eviction is Not a Four Letter Word

Face it, all businesses that deal with accounts receivable have uncollectable accounts. It’s simply a cost of doing business. And the rental property business is no different, and thankfully there’s an orderly, structured, and inexpensive process to deal with it. So stop being afraid of evictions. And stop letting it prevent you from owning rental […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Tarzan Syndrome

I see it a lot – folks that have to buy an apartment building or do a flip on their own so they can beat their chest and brag – that they did it on their own. Been there done that had the disease. But now I’m cured.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: You Need to Finish

Finishing is the most important part of the process, because you don’t get paid until the job is completely done.