Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: The Bank Actually Wants to Talk

Wtih everything that I’ve been hearing lately about the credit markets, I thought that there was a relatively low probability that the bank would even be interested in talking about extending an apartment loan. But they are. Also – there are two more deals that look like they may be fitting for partnerships – send […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Scotch and Cigars-the Perfect Mastermind

Who are you meeting with on a regular basis to bounce your ideas and strategies off of? Will they tell you that you’re full of crap if you are?

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: It's ZERO Risk and 100% Occupied!

In normal markets risk and reward are in an unbreakable relationship. You want higher returns? Then you take higher risk. But the real estate market here in metro Detroit is not a normal market – external factors are acting upon it. And that has put the risk-reward relationship out of whack here – such that […]