Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: I'd Rather Be the USC Trojans Than the Detroit Lions

Although my USC Trojans are having an “off” year on the gridiron, I LOVE the fact that they consider a 3 loss season a complete and utter failure and a “rebuilding” year. Contrast that with the Lions that have been complete and utter failures for 50 years, and they would think that a 3 WIN […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Mr Worf – Lock on Photon Torpedoes

The plot thickens with the Westland Housing Commission tenant. Yesterday I received a fax from someone claiming to be a “paralegal” representing the tenant DEMANDING that I release her from all present and future claims BEFORE she moves. Guess what? The guy who sent the fax was really the pastor of her church!

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: You Need to Finish

Finishing is the most important part of the process, because you don’t get paid until the job is completely done.