Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Because it's FLINT Nancy – That's Why!

As much as I HATE confrontation, :)) I caused a ruckus in one of the landlord forums that I participate in when I got tired of all the complaining from people that bought rental houses in Flint and then complained about Flint being Flint.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: DON'T Pay Your Mortgage on the First

This is a cash management tool that we’ve been using in our business for years.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: It's ZERO Risk and 100% Occupied!

In normal markets risk and reward are in an unbreakable relationship. You want higher returns? Then you take higher risk. But the real estate market here in metro Detroit is not a normal market – external factors are acting upon it. And that has put the risk-reward relationship out of whack here – such that […]