Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Take a Chill Pill Already

10,000 DOW and everyone is orgasmic about the stock market being “back”. If you listen to the mutual fund peddlers over the weekend you’d never now that the market is STILL 50% BELOW IT’S HIGH.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Mt Clemens Apartment Deal Update

The news is all good regarding this project. The partnership is full, and I actually had more people express an interest than I could accommodate. The bank is actually anxious to work with us because as the Managing Partner I’m local AND I have experience as an apartment owner and operator. The financing process will […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: The View After

This was the apartment that I filmed a couple of weeks ago. Huge difference – thanks to a great contractor – Jason Pilotto of Solution Man – who understands that every day of vacancy is money out of my pocket.