Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: Eviction is Not a Four Letter Word

Face it, all businesses that deal with accounts receivable have uncollectable accounts. It’s simply a cost of doing business. And the rental property business is no different, and thankfully there’s an orderly, structured, and inexpensive process to deal with it. So stop being afraid of evictions. And stop letting it prevent you from owning rental […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: My First Book Signing

This was a lot of fun. The great folks at our bank, the National City branch at Maple and Lahser in Bloomfield Hills, hosted it. I’ll post pictures later

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: I LOVE Due Diligence

It’s long. It’s boring. and it’s really, really dry. But I love it because it means I’m buying another apartment building! Great Lakes Investment Fund 1 is full – Fund 2 will be getting started shortly – watch this space!