Michigan Real Estate TV: My Daughter's Three Simple Questions

My daughter really impressed me when she was deciding whether or not to invest in the apartment building. She had several thousand dollars in savings bonds, so it was a lot of money to her. She ended asking me three pretty simple questions.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Paid the Kids Their Apartment Building Dividends Last Week

The kids cashed in their savings bonds last year when I bought my first apartment building – and they invested their money in the building. Based on their informal surveys, they’re the only kids in the school that own an apartment building. And the cute thing is, they all picked out which “piece” of the […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: The FLIPPING CashFlow Mercenary

Over the last week or so I’ve been approached three times by people that wanted to be the money partner with me on flips. I thought that was pretty funny – since I’ve been focused on acquiring rentals for almost the last two years. By my deep dark secret is that I have done flips […]