Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Another One Bites the Dust

I just took an application from a tenant prospect that rented two houses from a guy that I talked to two years ago that had planned to take over the real estate world here in metro Detroit. My prospect rented two houses from this guy because he let them both go into foreclosure. The sad […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: What Can I Do For You in 2010?

I attended a mastermind a couple of weeks ago and the program was hot seats. It was both gratifying and humbling to see that all but one of the participants had approached me for advice, or guidance or with questions. So my question to you is – what can I do for you in 2010?

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Tarzan Syndrome

I see it a lot – folks that have to buy an apartment building or do a flip on their own so they can beat their chest and brag – that they did it on their own. Been there done that had the disease. But now I’m cured.