Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: We Can Help Each Other Out!

Do you get emails that say that? I just received the 11th one in the last month. I bit on a couple of them before I figured out what that meant. I’m happy to help, but there’s a difference between asking for help and pitching!

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Bob Norton's Outlook for Real Estate in Michigan

I attended the January meeting of the Renegade Detroit Investors last evening, and their guest speaker was Bob Norton. Bob’s from Michigan and still does a lot of deals here, and last night he talked about where the real estate market here is going. I joined the group last night – if you’re a serious […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: You Should Join Us

I keep saying that it’s a seminar when it’s really more of a conference. Multiple topics, multiple experts, round table discussions and even break-out sessions. And best of all we get to have fun and talk real estate inside on what’s likely to be a cold and dreary day. Join us on January 16th. I’ll […]