The Door Got Kicked in and There’s Blood on the Carpet? Tell Me Why Again?

I spent some time on Saturday with some real estate friends and colleagues, and we were all talking about how boring our businesses were. The business itself was exciting and interesting to each of us. And to a person it’s been a gratifying experience. But it never seems that anything really interesting happens, or at […]

My Million Dollar Day

October 29, 2008 was a good day in my real estate business. A pretty good day in fact. Because on that day I bought a little over $1 million in real estate. One 20 unit apartment building and one single family home. (And didn’t use one penny of my own money. But that’s a topic […]

Off-Topic Friday: Picard v Kirk

I have thought for a long time that Star Trek is a metaphor for life. Especially for work and business. But as much as I try to explain it to my wife, I still usually get the blank stare (you know the one I’m talking about), even though I converted her into a STNG fan […]