Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Paychecks are Really Just Handcuffs

Started a new job with my company today after being asked to “take one for the team”. You can’t be the master of your own destiny when you accept a paycheck from someone else.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Slumlord Millionaire or Set and Forget Landlord

Posted a video last week on why it’s bad idea to buy crappy properties right now. The feedback disagreed. So here it is by the numbers – and yes – ROI. Because ROI is what goes into your checking account at the end of the month.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: WAIT! Don't Throw Them Out Just Yet

You’ve taken your time screening tenants like a Set and Forget rental property owner should. Then a problem arises – one of your tenants is late with the rent after being consistently on time.