Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Crack Smoking and Private Money Seminars

There is no magic bullet or seminar that will get you private investors if you HAVE a track record. This is a game of relationships, not strategy in your real estate investing business. Has your experienced differed? I’d be interested to hear about the results that others have had.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Crack Smoking & Private Investors

Have you been deluged by requests from people that you don’t know and that have no experience begging for private money? I swear that these people must be on crack or something stronger.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: The Bank Actually Wants to Talk

Wtih everything that I’ve been hearing lately about the credit markets, I thought that there was a relatively low probability that the bank would even be interested in talking about extending an apartment loan. But they are. Also – there are two more deals that look like they may be fitting for partnerships – send […]