My Million Dollar Day

October 29, 2008 was a good day in my real estate business. A pretty good day in fact. Because on that day I bought a little over $1 million in real estate. One 20 unit apartment building and one single family home. (And didn’t use one penny of my own money. But that’s a topic […]

Off-Topic Friday: Picard v Kirk

I have thought for a long time that Star Trek is a metaphor for life. Especially for work and business. But as much as I try to explain it to my wife, I still usually get the blank stare (you know the one I’m talking about), even though I converted her into a STNG fan […]

The Myth of "Win-Win"

I’m sure that you have seen the news reports out of Ohio a while back. First one, then a second Federal Judge dismissed foreclosure proceedings because the lenders “failed to prove that they owned the properties they were trying to seize”. That’s a complicated way of saying that the paperwork is screwed up. (If you’ve […]