Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: The Definition of Insanity

I got thrown out of college and moved to Lake Tahoe back in 1983. I learned a pretty good lesson simply by observing those that had arrived before I did.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Oooops! That NOT Positive Cash Flow

I found the documentation from the first apartment building that I ever went after. It was a bread-and-butter 5 unit in Flat Rock that I was attempting to buy via a short sale. I was shocked to see the mistake that the buyer made when she bought. But it’s a mistake that I see a […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Cookie Cutters Aren't Just for Christmas

Critical Success Factor #1 for being a profitable and happy rental property owner is property selection. The benefits to doing this right, from the start, are endless. And one aspect of property selection is buying cookie cutter houses.