Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for spending some of your valuable time here. And from my family to yours – Happy Thanksgiving!

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Evictions are So Unnecessary

I have tried my hardest to work with tenants that are in tough situations. Most still refuse to do what’s right, most of those can’t see that doing what’s right is also in their own best interests. It’s a sad thing to talk about during this Thanksgiving week.

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: I LOVE Conflict!

Seth Godin is the king of the vanillas. He likes groups that agree about everything and sit around giving group hugs singing kumbyya. I don’t. I love conflict. I induce conflict. Conflict is good. Conflict is productive. Conflict is interesting. And the only way anyone learns anything in a discussion is when people disagree on […]