Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: I LOVE Conflict!

Seth Godin is the king of the vanillas. He likes groups that agree about everything and sit around giving group hugs singing kumbyya. I don’t. I love conflict. I induce conflict. Conflict is good. Conflict is productive. Conflict is interesting. And the only way anyone learns anything in a discussion is when people disagree on […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Life is GREAT, but Lulu Sucks

Had a great meeting this morning with a great friend and colleague about raising private equity to buy commercial investment real estate; I’m meeting with my banker this afternoon because they want to host a wine and cheese book signing with me and their high net worth clients; and I’m meeting with another small group […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Confusing Activity with Accomplishment

More and more in the workplace I’m seeing activity take the place of accomplishment. We have meetings where nothing gets decided and no conclusions are reached. I’m fighting this in my real estate business as well, and it’s a constant battle, because these social media tools can be a waste of productive time if not […]