Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Scotch and Cigars-the Perfect Mastermind

Who are you meeting with on a regular basis to bounce your ideas and strategies off of? Will they tell you that you’re full of crap if you are?

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: It's ZERO Risk and 100% Occupied!

In normal markets risk and reward are in an unbreakable relationship. You want higher returns? Then you take higher risk. But the real estate market here in metro Detroit is not a normal market – external factors are acting upon it. And that has put the risk-reward relationship out of whack here – such that […]

Brass Tacks, Brass Balls, Whatever. It’s Time to Decide

It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update to my Apartment Quest series.   It hasn’t been due to any lack of motivation or activity on my part. Nope. Our lack of progress has been due to Mr. Seller. It seems that he’s been hitting the crack pipe lately – hard!   He somehow […]