What Chances Do I Have When Selling My Home on Craigslist in Metro Detroit

When we have something we need to sell, where’s the first place we usually turn? Craigslist, of course. But in this case, you have a house for sale. So you’re most likely asking this question: “What chances do I have when selling my home on Craigslist in Metro Detroit?” What are your chances, then? Well, […]

How to Flip Your First House in Metro Detroit

Do you want to learn how to flip your first house? There are many things about the process you might not see on HGTV. We have put together some of our favorite tips for flipping homes in Metro Detroit and across ! For a first-time flipper, the process can become overwhelming. What might seem so easy, you […]

4 Reasons Why Buying Vacant Land in Metro Detroit Is a Wise Investment

Vacant land is not only one of the most overlooked of all real estate investment opportunities, but it is also one of the least understood. Many people think investing in land – buying and selling – is a weak investment and that it is pointless or just plain old boring. The most common misconception is […]