Single Family Rentals 101

This is comprehensive training on how to identify, buy, rent, and manage residential “Set and Forget” suburban rental houses. This training starts from absolute scratch, so you don’t have to know anything about real estate to get started. And the training provides specific action items to help you get started on your first house on Day 1.

This training is 100% complete and includes all of the knowledge, tools, and resources that I use every day in expanding and managing my rental portfolio.

Instant access to this online training for only $247.

Real Estate Private Money 101

I raised over $1.6 million in Private Money without ever asking anyone for a dime. This training will teach you my process for getting the word out on what you’re doing, and making your business so compelling that people will offer you money.

Includes 11 in-depth training sessions AND my Private Money Pitch Package.

Instant access to this online training for only $247.00

Probate Real Estate 101

The best deals I have ever done have been probates. I’ve been chasing them now for six years, and they continue to provide a steady flow of deals, whether you are a buy-and-hold investor like me, or you wholesale or flip. This training will teach you the process and the critically important psychology of using direct mail to find these types of deals. It also includes my tested and proven letter sequence to the person handling the estate.

Instant online access to this training for only $67.00

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How to Buy Your FIRST Set and Forget Rental House

My book on buying rental real estate. Learn the basics of my approach to identifying, buying, renting, and managing Set and Forget residential real estate. Forward by Mark Ijlal.

Sale price only $10.97 including shipping.

Apartment Cash Flow Training

Apartment Cash Flow 101

Foundation Training

Are you thinking about making the jump to apartment buildings? Then don’t get started with a high-priced training program until you know what’s involved. This training walks you through the steps to getting started, including assessing your resources, the people you must talk to in your local market before you get started, and setting the proper expectations for the process of buying your first building.

Instant online access for only $47.00

Apartment Cash Flow 102

Tools & Case Study Super Set

Are you looking for the next step to getting educated on buying your first apartment building?

I’ve put together a collection of SIX of my best resources and training to help you with that, including my all-important Deal Evaluation excel spreadsheet, and I’ve included a training video to walk you through it.

Instant online access for only $97.00

Apartment Cash Flow 103

Advanced Training

You’ve laid the foundation for your first apartment building in Apartment Cash Flow 101, and you now have the tools to pursue it from Apartment Cash Flow 102. If you’re ready to step up to the plate and buy your first building, then you MUST complete your education with Apartment Cash Flow 103.

This comprehensive training walks through the detailed processes for identifying an area, narrowing down to one property, analyzing the numbers, making your first offer and the offer process, the due diligence process, inspections, renegotiations, closing, and your 90 day transition plan for a smooth transition to your ownership.

And all of this is on my first hand experience with my first apartment building.

Instant online access for only $597.00

Apartment Cash Flow 501

Complete Apartment Cash Flow Training PLUS My Private Money 101 Training

Make no mistake – this is grad school. You want to buy your first building in 87 days like I did? Even if you’re starting from scratch? Then this is the accelerated program to help you do it.

Get all of my Apartment Cash Flow Training AND my Private Money Training in one package – and get it at a substantial discount. Here’s what you get:

  • Apartment Cash Flow 101 Foundation Training
  • Apartment Cash Flow 102 Tools and Case Study Super Set
  • Apartment Cash Flow 103 Advanced Training, PLUS
  • The Real Estate Private Money 101 Program

Instant online access for the reduced bundle price of only $797.00