Off-Topic Friday: Trivial Pursuit, or More About The Author

The meme bug is sweeping the real estate blogging world again. 

@ToddWaller tagged me a couple of days ago to reveal potentially embarrassing facts, after he had supposedly done so himself. I didn’t see any embarassing things on his list, but there were a bunch of interesting things that I learned about him. So in the spirit of TMI and full disclosure, here are a few mildily interesting things about me that very few people actually know:

  1. I ran for a seat in the California state house representatives in 1990. As a rookie I smoked a sitting city council member in their own city, but ultimately lost in the outlying area of my district because I didn’t have the resources to campaign there.
  2. I was admitted directly from high school into the Electrical Engineering program at the University of Michigan. I started strong with a D average in my first semester, then managed to talk my way from semester to semester without any real improvement. After three years of that they finally threw me out. 
  3. I took a two year break from college and worked at a casino as a blackjack dealer in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Along the way I met a shocking number of 21 dealers that had quit college and done the same thing – and never left. They were 45 years old and still there dealing cards. That was enough of a wake-up call to convince me to high-tail it back here to finish college.
  4. I met my wife during the second day of grad school orientation at USC. We were engaged in six weeks and got married a year later. That was 18 years ago.
  5. I graduated from USC in 1992 with an MBA with a concentration in finance, and I was one of only two graduates in the my entire MBA program that year to land a much-sought-after investment banking job upon graduation.
  6. I’ve had 12 jobs since graduating from undergraduate school. The shortest was the Investment Banking job in #5, which lasted all of 13 months before the company went under (not my fault – I SWEAR). The longest was 3.5 years at the “old” Hewlett-Packard in Silicon Valley, when Bill and Dave were still alive. I suppose that you could say that when it comes to jobs I have a short attention span.

And I’m sure that’s far more than you ever wanted to know about me. 

So – now it’s my turn to tag a few others to do the same.

Let’s keep things reasonably local:







It’s your turn to tell everyone a few interesting things about you.

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