Off-Topic Friday: Social Networking Meets Real Estate Investing

What if I could show you a way to easily find, meet, and network with a few dozen out of state real estate buyers and investors?


What if I could show you a way to network with national business reporters and get exposure and possibly get slotted for interviews?


What if I could show you a way to network that is nearly effortless, but still completely effective?


Would any of that get your interest?


Of course it would.


One of the problems that I have is time (yeah I know – who doesn’t). Hyper demanding job consulting to one of the automotive manufacturers here in the metro area, four kids under 12, a stay at home wife, an ill mother living with us, boards, committees, volunteer work, kids sports, and all the rest.


And my steadily growing real estate business.


I simply don’t have any extra time. So for me, what falls through the cracks?




I know that it’s a critical task. I know that it pays big dividends down the road. And I know that it’s an essential tool to help build and grow my business.


But I just don’t make time for it.


Part of it is that I have, as I call it, somewhat “underdeveloped” people skills. I find breaking the ice to be difficult, so when I think of attending a Real Estate Investor Association meeting, or some event that’s similarly large, I pass because I see it as a daunting task to break into a group that large and start to get to know people. Heck, I’ve been part of a 200 member mastermind group now for about two years and I still don’t know everyone.


Do you find yourself in a similar predicament?


Well I have found the solution. It’s called Social Networking using Social Media tools. And it’s absolutely changed the way that I look at and pursue networking.




Because it’s made the hardest part of networking (for me), the meet and greet, easy because it happens online. At my own speed and without any stress or drama.


At a basic level, think about how much easier it is to attend a group event – of any size – when you have a personal relationship built with some of the people that will be there.


At a more advanced level, think about how much more effective networking would be in large organizations (like REIAs for example)  if more people know more about each other. Think about what it would do for membership and attendance, and think what it would do for retention!


And now, thanks to Web 2.0 and the resulting FREE tools like forums, weblogs, wikis, podcasts, and others, we can build relationships online with people far and wide as we go through our regular daily routines.


This has certainly changed the way that I look at networking. And it’s already had a favorable impact on my business.


Real estate investors in Southeastern Michigan are severely underrepresented in Social Networking right now. Let’s change that. It’ll be good for all of us.


More about that particular tools that I use later.