Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Ready to FLUSH the Westland Housing Commission

I received a letter from the Director of the Westland Housing Commission, Joanne Inglis, stating – get this – that the window that my tenant broke wasn’t necessarly the tenant’s fault, so therefore they have no obligation to insist that the tenant pay for the repair before they let her move on to another Section 8 subsidized rental unit.

I escalated directly to the mayor today to insist that he reverse his director’s decision, and I contacted MSHDA to file a formal complaint against the Westland Housing Commission.

This is EXACTLY the kind of treatment that made smart property owners refuse to rent to Section 8 renters. And if Westland does not reverse it’s decision, I will make it a personal quest to make sure that every rental property owner in the tri-county area learns that they’re not an agency that anyone would want to deal with.