How to Buy Your FIRST Apartment Building

9 Audio CD’s For New Apartment Building Investors

How To Buy Your FIRST Apartment Building

This is critical information that a new Real Estate Investor needs to shortcut the learning process necessary to have a truly Set and Forget Rental Property business. Just some of the content in the five audio CD’s includes:

  1. The Michigan Rental Real Estate Update for 2009 – why this is the year to buy apartment buildings.
  2. What do you need to know BEFORE you buy your first apartment building.
  3. Demystifying all the terms you’ve heard but might be unsure of like Cap Rates, Cash-on-Cash Return, Cost per Door, Operating Expense Ratio, positive cash flow, forced appreciation, etc etc etc.
  4. The math – and how you know that you have a good deal despite what your broker tells you.
  5. The CRITICAL SUCCESS FACTOR that you MUST know to be successful in this business, ESPECIALLY in this market and these economic conditions.
  6. Due Diligence – what it is and why it’s critical. And you’ll learn my approach to doing it.
  7. The timeline is NOT your friend – ignoring this will cost you THOUSANDS of dollars.
  8. The situation with commercial financing – and they way that I got around it and what I’m doing today to buy more units.
  9. How to setup a correct corporate entity to protect yourself and get the maximum tax benefits.
  10. My 90-day quick-start roadmap for you to buy your first apartment building here in Michigan.

Not only do you get over four hours of solid content, I’m also throwing in three BONUS CDs to make a total of EIGHT audio CD’s:

Bonus CD #1: Let’s talk property inspections

No seriously. There’s only one property inspector that I’ll use for my own purchases when my money is on the line. He’s done 9 single family homes for me and 2 apartment buildings. And he’s forgotten more about inspections that most inspectors out there know.

Spend an hour learning what a new apartment investor MUST know BEFORE they go out looking for something to buy, and learn what to look for while you’re looking for the right one to buy.

This is critical information if you’re just starting out – information that can save you MONTHS of learning time and prevent you from making mistakes that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Bonus CD #2: Commercial real estate brokers are the gatekeepers of this business. Learn the secret to finding one that will work FOR you.

Beware – the apartment real estate market here is fragmented with several different brokers operating in many different ways. It pays to talk to all of them to find one that’s a fit. That’s what I did when I got started.

This CD is my interview with the broker that I worked with when I bought my first building – and he’s the only one that I’ll have represent me. Find out why.

Bonus CD #3: How to Create a Tax Free Income for LIFE.

Learn the secret to how the rich are amassing a fortune and having it grow Tax Free, simply and easily through investing in real estate with retirement plans.

Bonus CD #3: Property insurance is boring as hell. That is until you need it. I was shocked when I heard some of this information. You will be too.
I never really paid much attention to property insurance when I bought property. I usually just shopped around a little and found someone with a low price. That was until some paperwork got screwed up and I got something in the mail almost a month after closing that said I was not insured. All insurance agents and companies are NOT created equal. The only insurance agent that I now use spends 45 minutes talking about the ins and outs of property insurance. Trust me – it’s better to know this information NOW, BEFORE you need it. I wish I had.

Your Investment:

Business is great here in 2009, and I think that you need to hear this information before missing out on the financial security opportunity of our lifetime.

Your investment is $30. That’s it.

And you get 8 audio CD‘s (5 audio CD’s contain the UNPLUGGED and unedited recording of my seminar – the rest are the bonus audio CD’s).

My Brass Balls Guarantee:

You have 12 months to decide if you want to keep these audio CD’s or not.

That’s right – 12 long months. 12 months that if you put the information to good use will be VERY profitable months.

Listen to them as many times as you want. Make your kid’s ears bleed in the car – I don’t care. Because if you’re not convinced that this is GREAT and ACTIONABLE training for ANY reason – just ship the package back and I’ll refund you 100%. I won’t even ask why because I don’t really care.

But you need these CD’s. With everything in the economy crashing and burning around us – you have nothing to lose and your financial health and future to gain. There is ONE catch though – I want a favor of you. And that’s when you buy your first apartment building, and you get that first rent check in the mail – go over the the house and have your spouse or business partner take a picture of you standing in front of the house holding the check – then email me a copy of the picture.

I want to celebrate your success with you. That’s all I want.

To your success –

Dennis Fassett