Do, or Do Not – There is No Try

My oldest paid me a very nice compliment yesterday.

Like probably most grade school kids with cable, ours have been glued to the television at 8pm last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as one of the cable channels has been playing the Star Wars movies in order. It reminds me of the times when my parents used to let us stay up and watch every time a new Godzilla movie came out. Remember Monster Zero?

Last night was The Empire Strikes Back. Some good scenes and action, but my least favorite of the original three because of the lame non-ending.

So we’re watching the part where Luke is training with Yoda on Dagobah, and they’re talking about the power of the force, and the power that it would take to extract his X-Wing fighter from the bog where he crash landed. Luke is trying to make the point that the size of the thing matters; Yoda is trying to get him to understand that it’s the size of your heart and what’s in your head that matters. Luke finally agrees to make an attempt.

“Ok.” He tells Yoda. “I’ll try.”

Then Yoda responds – “No! Do, or do not. There is no try.

At that moment, my oldest looked over and said “Daddy – that’s what you always say to US!”

And she’s right. I’ve been telling all of them that for years. And I’ve been demonstrating it to them with my own actions as well with work and with our business.

It was really gratifying that she remembered, and it’s even more gratifying to observe that none of the kids tell us that they’re going to “try” to do things anymore. They just do. Even the youngest. I’ve even heard them say the Yoda line to each other. It’s nice to know that what we’re teaching is getting through.