Well What About Michigan?

I have received some interesting responses to my “10 Things” post. When I wrote it my personal feeling was that there would be a massive “piling on” because things seem to be so bad here, and that I would be taken to task because I went so easy on the area. To my surprise quite […]

Brace Yourselves

I have been staring is disbelief at an AP story this morning. Now I know that the AP is not up to the journalistic standards of accuracy as, say, the New York Times or the Washington Post. But the fact is their stuff gets widely distributed and widely read. The first line is the report […]

10 Things

I’ve been talking to a lot of out of state investors lately, and the subject of weaknesses and opportunities for this region comes up every time. While I know that any discussion of substance on this would take a while, I though that I would put together a couple of lists off the top of […]