Off-Topic Friday: Captain Picard v Captain Kirk

I have thought for a long time that Star Trek is a metaphor for life. Especially for work and business. But as much as I try to explain it to my wife, I still usually get the blank stare (you know the one I’m talking about), even though I converted her into a STNG fan […]

Off-Topic Friday: A Hedge Fund Roach Motel?

Since this blog is dedicated to the pursuit of commercial and residential cash flow properties, I want to introduce a new feature this week that will let me stray and post my observations on various things that have happened throughout the week that don’t relate to real estate. I’m calling it Off-Topic Friday, although because […]

Screw It – Because Fear Sucks

I think that we’d all agree that the last couple of weeks have been brutal ones for our various markets: the stock market closed Friday at 2004 levels, Oil is at an all-time high, and the real estate market here in Michigan continues to plunge to new lows. And all I keep hearing is doom […]