Off-Topic Friday: Those Are NOT Double Stuff

We had a family crisis last weekend. A Red-Alert-level crisis. We were on our first solo family camping trip in the Waterloo State Recreation Area out past Chelsea. First time camping without a big group like the cub scouts. Aside from forgetting my trusty Swiss Army knife and a lighter for my cigars we did […]

Off-Topic Friday: Social Networking Meets Real Estate Investing

What if I could show you a way to easily find, meet, and network with a few dozen out of state real estate buyers and investors?   What if I could show you a way to network with national business reporters and get exposure and possibly get slotted for interviews?   What if I could […]

Off-Topic Friday: The Starbucks Curse – Is the Party Over?

After my wife and I got out of grad school with our newly minted MBAs from the University of Southern California, we high-tailed it out of Los Angeles to the Northern California town of Burlingame. This was in May of 1992.   At that time, Burlingame was a quiet little town with a slow and […]