Off Topic Friday: Is it the Haves and Have-Nots, or the Will and Will-Nots?

I saw an interesting discussion on twitter last evening. As you might expect, there has been some serious discussion about the economy and the stock market (which are two DIFFERENT things BTW). As you may know, twitter is heavily populated by “Web 2.0” types that know far more about social media and the internet that […]

Off-Topic Friday: Collateral Damage – Baby Boomers Forced to Delay Retirement

The Wall Street Journal this week highlighted a problem that’s only getting worse as the financial sector melts down.  Baby Boomers Delay Retirement Declines in Assets Force a Generation to Face New Reality By KELLY GREENE Nancy Davis, a 59-year-old senior marketing manager for a law firm in San Diego, had hoped to ease into […]

Off-Topic Friday: Trivial Pursuit, or More About The Author

The meme bug is sweeping the real estate blogging world again.  @ToddWaller tagged me a couple of days ago to reveal potentially embarrassing facts, after he had supposedly done so himself. I didn’t see any embarassing things on his list, but there were a bunch of interesting things that I learned about him. So in the spirit […]