Michigan out 28,000 jobs – August's 7.4% jobless rate is 14-year high.

Excerpted from the Detroit News this morning. . . .   Michigan‘s unemployment rate in August was the worst since since September 1993.   Massive automotive buyouts and a sharp decline in residential construction were cited as factors for the state’s jobless rate.  Last month 28,000 jobs were lost in Michigan, bringing the total number lost since this time […]

You Never Could Tax Your Way to Prosperity

Lest you think that this is a diatribe related to politics, relax. Long, long ago I gave up letting the micro-brains in government (both elected and unelected) impact by disposition. No, this is a post about economics. And basic economics at that. I have long believed that the framers of our constitution should have included […]

They Did WHAT?!?

WOW. Again. I had written up a long follow-up post on this Federal Reserve intervention that I had planned to post yesterday, but I got hung up in meetings and couldn’t get to it. I wrote long (and eloquently, I might add) about how there was NO possible way that after their dump-and-run “liquidity injection” […]