Can you REALLY Make an 8% Fixed, and Fully Secured Return on Your Money?

The answer is absolutely YES.

How? Start by taking a look at the short, 1 minute video below. It shows the next home that I’m looking to add to my portfolio of long-term rental properties. It’s an all brick, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath bath home in Harper Woods, Michigan that needs absolutely no rehab whatsoever. It also happens to be in the best school district in the entire state – Grosse Pointe.

Homes on this street normally sell for $125,000 -$130,000.

I  have an offer accepted with the seller for $70,000. And I already have a renter lined up.

How is this relevant?

I need financing for this home.

That’s how you can lock in an 8% fixed and secured return.

This is an incredible property – and this is an incredible opportunity for you to lock in a great return, whether it’s in your retirement account (IRA. 401k, or SEP) or regular brokerage account.

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