The Game Is Changing

I’m in the process of doing another of my cash-out refis. I just bought it last Friday, and I’m trying to set a new record and do a cash-out refi based on the appraised value in less than 30 days. I just did two yesterday – one was 42 days and the other was 55 […]

The Flight to Quality

I received a couple of questions after my last post on Capital Deployment. To address one of them – no – I won’t tell you Bluetooth convertible guy’s name. I haven’t heard from him since I wrote it though. I was wondering why my email spam traffic was down 30%. The relevant questions were on […]

Capital Deployment, or Don't Listen to the Guy With the Convertible and the Bluetooth Headset

As I have mentioned in prior posts, the most difficult part of this real estate business used to be finding the really great deals. I remember just 14 short months ago how I lost two consecutive deals because I ended up getting outbid on both, and that the prices of both of those properties had […]