A Commercial Hard Money Suicide

Commercial lenders are suffering in this economy as well – just not as publicly it appears. Last month one of the most prolific Hard Money Lenders on the Commercial Real Estate side of the house killed himself. A Hard Money Lender lends money to real estate investors for very short time frames at astronomically high […]

The Deal Done Died

Yep. After all the drama. All the back and forth. All the ups and downs. My first apartment deal is DEAD. Call it doctor: time of death Thursday July 10, 5pm eastern. The cause of death is what’s ridiculous. Again, to recap (please indulge me if you’ve seen this before) Mr Seller and I agreed to […]

Off-Topic Friday: Captain Picard v Captain Kirk

I have thought for a long time that Star Trek is a metaphor for life. Especially for work and business. But as much as I try to explain it to my wife, I still usually get the blank stare (you know the one I’m talking about), even though I converted her into a STNG fan […]