The Credit Crunch is Hurting Commercial Real Estate

Thomson financial published a good article** on this this morning. Commercial real estate is (and has been) dead here in southeastern Michigan now for a while, except for apartments, which keep going strong. I’m seeing low vacancies, strong rental demand, and healthy rents. This combined with fantastic cap rates and upside potential make this a great time to […]

The Journey is THE Thing

Call it blinding flash of the obvious number, what? 87 or 88 for me at least? But after spending the last 25 years or so always looking out toward the future, I figured out a couple of weeks ago that the journey is really the thing.   Those of you that have already figured that […]

The Sins of the Past – And the Death of Real Estate

When I first began this blog ten months or so ago I began writing about the irresponsible action that the federal reserve was taking to prop up the American stock markets.   My point was that in the past, when the fed acted to impact the economy in one way or another they had always […]