Off-Topic Friday: Those Are NOT Double Stuff

We had a family crisis last weekend. A Red-Alert-level crisis. We were on our first solo family camping trip in the Waterloo State Recreation Area out past Chelsea. First time camping without a big group like the cub scouts. Aside from forgetting my trusty Swiss Army knife and a lighter for my cigars we did […]

Yes But Why THAT One?

As I move between the worlds of residential and commercial real estate I’m realizing more and more that the fundamentals of both are a lot alike. Having spent the last few years building up a portfolio of single family rental properties, I’ve developed some very strict and specific criteria to use in my screening process. […]

Upgrades Outnumber Downgrades!

Just read some good news in the Wall Street Journal this morning regarding commercial real estate.   They reported that in the first half of 2008, the bond rating firm Moody’s had 234 upgrades, 123 downgrades, and 1452 decision of “no change” with respect to bonds and other instruments backed by commercial real estate mortgages.  […]