I HATE Foreclosures

Pretty strong I know. But I do. I hate ’em. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the real estate business. I LOVE looking at houses. I LOVE buying houses. And I LOVE renting houses. I just HATE foreclosure. I must confess that I’ve become spoiled. I realized that in spades this weekend. You see, […]

After All the Volatility And All The Promise – All You Get Is A Measly 6.4%

12,463 13,264 Recognize those numbers? I know that some of you do. And those do should be fatally disappointed with them. Why? Because they represent the opening and closing Dow Jones Industrial Average numbers for 2007. 2007 opened at 12,463 2007 closed at 13,264 A whopping 801 point increase for the year. An increase of […]

Are You a "Half Empty" or "Half Full" Type of Person?

A friend of mine emailed me last week with an article that forecast more bad news. And he, I think tongue in cheek, suggested that I must be doing cartwheels because the bad news for the housing market was great news to me. That got me thinking again about the power of perspective.¬†You see, a […]