Off-Topic Friday: The Starbucks Curse – Is the Party Over?

After my wife and I got out of grad school with our newly minted MBAs from the University of Southern California, we high-tailed it out of Los Angeles to the Northern California town of Burlingame. This was in May of 1992.   At that time, Burlingame was a quiet little town with a slow and […]

Shut UP Already! The Sky IS NOT Falling!

I’m confused. I really am.   I’ve been getting a rash of grief lately from the Chicken Little crowd here over my bullishness about buying suburban rental homes here in Metro Detroit.   They’re running up and down the street like little girls with their dresses up over their heads screaming “The Sky is Falling. […]

A Commercial Hard Money Suicide

Commercial lenders are suffering in this economy as well – just not as publicly it appears. Last month one of the most prolific Hard Money Lenders on the Commercial Real Estate side of the house killed himself. A Hard Money Lender lends money to real estate investors for very short time frames at astronomically high […]