Of Course You Realize, This Means War!

Unbelievable. AGAIN.   I kept hearing how this commercial property stuff was different. But it seems like every time I turn around it’s gets more and more bizarre.   As you have read in some of my prior posts, I’ve been pursuing my first apartment building since the beginning of April. The seller has been […]

There’s No Basement in the Alamo, Silly!

I was out in Southern California visiting my “little” sister for her 40th birthday two weekends ago, and as usual after a few cocktails out on the patio, the conversation amongst us siblings devolved into quoting lines from our favorite movies. (This is a source of constant bemusement bordering on irritation for our spouses, who […]

Off-Topic Friday: The Starbucks Curse – Is the Party Over?

After my wife and I got out of grad school with our newly minted MBAs from the University of Southern California, we high-tailed it out of Los Angeles to the Northern California town of Burlingame. This was in May of 1992.   At that time, Burlingame was a quiet little town with a slow and […]