Off-Topic Friday: Can We Finally Talk Turkey About the Automotive Industry?

C’mon. Let’s all take a minute to catch our breath. There’s way too much hyperventilating going on. I myself have been torn through this process. My day job is tied directly to the automotive industry, and although my background and attitudes are firmly on the side of free-market laissez-faire economics, a part of me has […]

Panic and Uncertainty – the Twin Towers of Turbulence

Panic and uncertainty – uncertainty and panic. The twin towers of turbulence that are causing all sorts of commotion in our financial markets. Sure there are real problems. But these two mischief makers are making things a lot worse than they need to be. So much so that we are seeing interest rates approaching zero. […]

Need a Better Retirement Plan? Apartment Buildings Blow Away Bonds.

I just read an article that said that treasury bill and bond rates of returns are approaching ZERO. (I’ll post it tomorrow) So it’s clear that everyone with investable funds is looking for higher returns at least in a portion of their portfolio. Residential real estate, including apartment buildings, offer those types of returns with […]