Even as a Die-Hard Mac User I Think This is Funny . . .

And true I have to admit. I still want one though!      

Moody's: Commercial real estate prices slipping

Interesting article in Forbes online today. I’ve seen some tightening up of commercial credit just in the last couple of months. Thanks to http://twitter.com/bob_sibdu for the heads up. Here is the article: Prices for commercial real estate slipped more than 2 percent in March as it became tougher to borrow money to buy property, Moody’s reported […]

The Coming Alt-A Mortgage Apocalypse

According to the Scotsman Guide, the Alt-A mortgage is primarily a credit-score driven product, as its borrowers don’t have proof of income from traditional employment. The Alt-A loan alleviates the challenges associated with due diligence, such as providing income verification and documentation of assets. On the flip side, for this convenience, borrowers do pay a […]