Off Topic Friday: Divided We Fall

A voice of reason in the darkness. Hat tip to LM for the link. Thomas Paine looks good for a guy his age.

The Curse of OPM

How many times have you heard that OPM is the key to all the riches in real estate? Seriously – you can’t turn on a single late-night real estate tv infomercial without some fly-by-night “guru” with a Bentley and a bevy of blonde babes screeching at you about using OPM to make you rich beyond […]

News Flash – Everybody ELSE'S House Has Lost Value But Mine

The Majority of U.S. Homeowners Thinks Their Home is Insulated from the Housing Crisis According to Zillow Q2 Homeowner Confidence Survey 62% of homeowners believe their home’s value has increased or stayed the same in the past year yet 77% of U.S. homes actually declined in value   Short-Term Outlook: More optimism for own home […]