The Building – Part III: The Endless Inspection

In the seemingly never ending interim time between the beginning and the end of the commitment letter process, the owner of the building and I finally agreed that it was time for me to do my physical inspection. It would be swinging without a net a bit for me, since I had neither the financing […]

Unbelievable – The Mainstream Media Now Says that Renting Is a Good Thing?

What is it with these people? Do they not have any core values at all? First they spend years telling everyone that home ownership is the only way to go. Then when the housing market hits the skids they’re now singing the praises of renting?? I guess that anyone can justify anything. Now renting of […]

Can you REALLY Make an 8% Fixed, and Fully Secured Return on Your Money?

The answer is absolutely YES. How? Start by taking a look at the short, 1 minute video below. It shows the next home that I’m looking to add to my portfolio of long-term rental properties. It’s an all brick, 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath bath home in Harper Woods, Michigan that needs absolutely no rehab whatsoever. […]