Part II of Finding the Perfect Deadbeat

Yesterday I started a discussion on how finding, screening, and selecting tenants is Critical Success Factor #2 for being successful at owning rental properties. And I began to discuss the four steps that need to be taken to screen and select successfully. I talked about step 1 yesterday. That was Set expectations up front. I’ll finish up with the rest of […]

Critical Success Factor #2 – Selecting the Perfect Deadbeat to Give Your House To

That’s harsh I know. And the way that I run my business it’s not at all accurate, because I have some of the best renters that you could imagine. But think about it – you have a house that’s worth, say $100,000. You’ve bought it, done some work to it, and you’ve made sure that […]

Off-Topic Friday: Trivial Pursuit, or More About The Author

The meme bug is sweeping the real estate blogging world again.  @ToddWaller tagged me a couple of days ago to reveal potentially embarrassing facts, after he had supposedly done so himself. I didn’t see any embarassing things on his list, but there were a bunch of interesting things that I learned about him. So in the spirit […]