The Beginning of the End for Real Estate Contrarians

I read an interesting article this morning on Specifically a piece by Marshall Loeb. Now as a finance guy I normally skip articles by Loeb and his cohorts at competing web sites, because their content is bland, vanilla, and always so overly general that nothing they recommend or discuss can ever be directly implemented. […]

It's a Budget Buster!

In this real estate market there is no good reason to buy a property that you plan to hold and rent if it needs any more than about $2500 worth of work. It’s just not necessary, because there are so many great properties on the market – and I mean listed on the MLS and […]

Off-Topic Friday: Those Are NOT Double Stuff

We had a family crisis last weekend. A Red-Alert-level crisis. We were on our first solo family camping trip in the Waterloo State Recreation Area out past Chelsea. First time camping without a big group like the cub scouts. Aside from forgetting my trusty Swiss Army knife and a lighter for my cigars we did […]