Off-Topic Friday: Boston-Edison's History Being Sold for Scrap

I have always been a fan of old homes. Not 1930’s and 40’s. Boring. I’m talking REALLY old ones from the turn of the century.   There’s something about walking through one of them when it’s vacant and listening. When I do this I can almost hear the sounds of the families that lived there. […]

CRITICAL Success Factor #1

Here we go again.   Don’t you just love it when someone asks your opinion of something that you actually happen to know a LOT about, you give them the answer, then they proceed to argue with you?   It happened to me again last week.   And unfortunately it was one of those I-already-made-the-decision-so-I’m-only-asking-you-because-I-want-to-validate-in-my-own-mind-that-I-was-right kind of […]

Off Topic Friday: Divided We Fall

A voice of reason in the darkness. Hat tip to LM for the link. Thomas Paine looks good for a guy his age.