Critical Success Factor #2 – Selecting the Perfect Deadbeat to Give Your House To

That’s harsh I know. And the way that I run my business it’s not at all accurate, because I have some of the best renters that you could imagine. But think about it – you have a house that’s worth, say $100,000. You’ve bought it, done some work to it, and you’ve made sure that […]

Off-Topic Friday: Trivial Pursuit, or More About The Author

The meme bug is sweeping the real estate blogging world again.  @ToddWaller tagged me a couple of days ago to reveal potentially embarrassing facts, after he had supposedly done so himself. I didn’t see any embarassing things on his list, but there were a bunch of interesting things that I learned about him. So in the spirit […]

Talk About the Law of Unintended Consequences

As I look at the stock market, at the moment the DOW is at 10,844, down another 215 points today. Do you know what this means? That as of right now the market is only 476 points above where it was eight years ago after the internet bubble burst. It’s still above the lows that […]