4 Risks Of Private Money Loans And How To Limit Them In Metro Detroit

The opportunity is there, right in front of you, for a pretty substantial return on this investment. You’ve been asked by an individual to make a private money loan so that person can, for example, buy a house to flip in Metro Detroit. You have the money to do it, and you can make some […]

How to Close a Private Money Deal in Metro Detroit

Are you looking for information on how to close a private money deal in Metro Detroit? There are many ways to make money in real estate. Creating private lending opportunities is an excellent way. You can provide financial assistance to people who are looking to either buy a home or to invest in real estate […]

Avoid These 5 Risks Using Tax Liens in Metro Detroit

Using tax liens in Metro Detroit is an attractive yet widely misunderstood investment option that is becoming more popular. Here is a cliff notes guide on how they work. Every city and county collect property taxes on real estate. When property owners fail to pay the tax bill, the city is more than happy letting you pay […]