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Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: My Book Publishing Nightmare

Back in the summer I finished writing my first book. It’s on buying rental houses and IF it ever gets published the title will be “How to Buy Your FIRST Set and Forget Rental House”. The operative term though is IF. I’m self-publishing using, and dealing with them has been a nightmare. Although I […]

Michigan Real Estate Investing TV: Lots of Irons in the Fire This Fall

From the Mt Clemens apartment project on Friday to my Set and Forget Rental Property Bootcamp this weekend to a meeting with a new partner last night – this is the time of year when things really heat up. And it’s a lot of fun.

Cash Flow Real Estate Investing TV: Tenant Screening is CRITICAL!

Here’s a clip from the Set and Forget Michigan Rental Property Seminar that I gave this past weekend. Property Selection is Critical Success Factor #1 for being a successful – and happy – rental property owner. The other half of the equation is Tenant Screening – which I consider Critical Success Factor #2.