Archives for October 2008

I Fought the Law – And – I Won

I just received three tickets in the mail. THREE! From the City of Harper Woods. It seems that the fine people in their Building Department believed that I was on the wrong side of the law when I bought two properties in their fine city earlier this year. And then again when I rented one […]

Off Topic Friday: Is it the Haves and Have-Nots, or the Will and Will-Nots?

I saw an interesting discussion on twitter last evening. As you might expect, there has been some serious discussion about the economy and the stock market (which are two DIFFERENT things BTW). As you may know, twitter is heavily populated by “Web 2.0” types that know far more about social media and the internet that […]

Cash Flow ROCKS!

If you’re at all a regular reader of this space, you know that I’m a hawk for cash flow. Regular, boring, methodical cash flow. Not only that, but I have been boldly proclaiming far and wide now for over a year that southeastern Michigan is THE best investment real estate market in the country for […]